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Apr 24, 2008
High white cell count
by: The Vet

I would be more concerned over the VERY high white cell count more than “slightly compromised liver functionâ€. Few things cause such an elevation, and all of them are serious. Differentials include Mycobacterium, Aspergillosis, PDD, are the three that come to mind first. However, further diagnostics are necessary to determine the cause. I personally do not think that moving him is a good idea. He should be hospitalized, have more diagnostics and be on a broad spectrum antibiotic YESTERDAY! X-rays should be done, too. Find yourself a Board Certified Avian Veterinarian and get there fast.

Dr B

Apr 23, 2008
BG liver problem
by: Tracie

Hello Ivette,

I posted this under questions, but I also sent it to the vet. I will post his response probably tomorrow.

I am hoping that there is a solution that keeps your bird home. Are you still hand feeding him?

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