locked beaks and hissing

by jeff
(potts point, sydney)

I feed grapes to rainbow lorikeets at the window of my apartment each day and love them. they always arrive in pairs but yesterday there were three including one I had never seen with no color in its beak.

suddenly there was a horrible hissing noise and one of them had locked beaks with the white beak and was forcing its head down. I was horrified and chased them away afraid the white beak might be killed. can anybody explain, is the white beak diseased, should I be worried.

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Jun 10, 2015
Lorikeet with a white beak
by: Tracie

I would check with a wildlife conservationist in your area. It could be a disease, and that may be why it was being attacked. This is nature's way of keeping the species strong. The folks in your area may want to know if there is something that might spread.

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