Lolita has swollen red bumps on her eyes

by Annie

I have a parrot, her name is Lolita, four months old. She is being sick with flus. But after a treatment from the vet, she has recovered. The flu is gone, but now her eyes are swollen, it look like a red swollen bump on the top of her eyes. I'm worried because it looks like another bump is starting to grow on the side. Her eyes sometimes get watery. Please help me! There is a picture attached so u can see how her eyes look.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Once again,, Thank you.


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Sep 29, 2009
Poor Lolita
by: annie

Lolita is doing much better today, after a visit to another vet. I really appreciate how this doctor treat my baby. I think she have more experience with animals. She told me that Lolita is lack of vitamins, and told me to give her more fruits and less corn. I think she is right!! The more healthy food u give to your parrot, he longer he she will live.

Sep 25, 2009
by: lolita the real 1 lol

well i had a parrot just like that she was allergic to coconut.i stop giveing her then her swollen red eye was gan .or i wish u luck :{

Sep 23, 2009
bird with bumps on eyes
by: Tracie

I suggest you call the vet that you took the bird to and let them know what is going on. She might need more medication, but only your vet can determine what is wrong.

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