Lonely Green Rump

by Bill

I have a lonely Green Rump female who has lost her companion, is there any other breed of bird I could match her with?

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Aug 01, 2010
Lonely Green Rump
by: Linda

A bird of similar size would work, and please get another cage for the new bird to see if they like each other. Also, take the new bird to an Avian Vet within the first 24-48 hours to have it checked for infections before you bring bird in with your other one. Bacterial and viral infections are very contageous, so if you could get bird examined before coming into your home, it would be much better than having to take both birds to Avian Vet.

Another good reason for seeing an Avian vet within the first 24-48 hours is that you may have grounds to either take bird back or have the breeder/pet store pay for any costs in getting bird well. If you wait longer than that, they will say it got sick AFTER it came into your home.

If you can locate a breeder in your area who is breeding this or another kind of similar parakeet this size, like the red rump, that would be great. The one left behind needs a friend as soon as is possible. Birds mate for life and sometimes go off their feed and die when a mate is lost, so move as quickly as is possible here for her sake.Do not leave them together out of cage without constant supervision until you know they like each other and are not going to fight.

Let us know how everything goes, and take a pictue of both birds and post so we can see them when you have time. Thanks much for writing and for loving your bird enough to ask the right questions!


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