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Jan 07, 2009
Don't Trim the Beak!
by: Steve G.

You are likely to kill your bird (heart attack) if you attempt to trim its beak. The beak is integrally connected to the bird's skull. Any vibrations in the beak will be amplified many times through the skull, and will send your bird into cardiac arrest. I cringed when I read the comment from someone who contemplated using a power tool to trim a bird's beak. This problem is best solved by introduced new chewable toys to the bird, as well as a non-grain diet. In extreme cases, trimming (by a professional) might be required. A trained vet will first give the bird medications to keep it calm, and will use proper tools. Absolutely DO NOT try to solve this problem at home by yourself.

Sep 19, 2008
Trimming beak
by: kimirene

Good Morning,
I have a Eclectus Parrot, His break is way to long, We have no Vets, rhat do this, I am no trying, wood , rock,
I need to know how much can you take off the parrot's beak, Can you use, a nail file ? How much do you take off at one time.
If you guys, have any ideas, please reply.
Thank you

Note to Kim: You posted this as a response and not as a Parrot Question, so I don't think people will find your question here.

Aug 19, 2008
long beak question
by: Tracie

I would not ever trim my bird's beak, I would let a professional do it. One time we allowed a breeder trim our Budgie's beak and he almost bled to death and could hardly eat for days because of the pain.

I would not sue the pet store, I would tell the manager about it so that he can make sure that doesn't happen again.

First, cuttle bone will not do such a great job on the beak, first of all.

Secondly, the bird needs wood Popcicle stick toys and other toys that he will chew to keep the beak trimmed.

Third, if the beak continues to get overgrown, he might have fatty liver disease from eating an all seed diet, make sure you convert him to Harrison's Pellets or something like that ASAP.

I think it is sweet that you adopted this little bird. You sound like you will make a good owner.

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