long trip

by roy

My african grey has got to make a 400 mile trip due to a move but i am worried about the stress on her any advice would be of great help thank you for looking

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Sep 07, 2012
long trip
by: Linda

Most birds enjoy trips, and there are a few things you need to know so your bird is safe and happy. Yes, it is stressful, and 400 miles is not that far a trip, so he should be okay.

First of all, get containers and take as much of home water as you have room for. Once you get to your new place, mix the home water with new water to make sure bird does not get stomach upsets from strange water.Start with mostly the old home water and gradually have it half and half. Do this in increments of a few days for each phase, and his stomach will be okay with change if new water is clean enough in new place. Have it checked to make sure you know what is in your drinking water because chemicals and such do kill birds. What we don't know can and does hurt us and our pets and children.

Put him in a nice roomy and safe travel cage. Water usually is jolted out of all kinds of containers including the water bottles, so make sure you stop every few hours and put water into his water dish, food in his food dish and rest for a while. Toys do not need to be in cage because they will hit him in the head.

BEFORE YOUR TRIP, have your bird thoroughly examined by an Avian Vet ONLY to make sure your bird is healthy enough for the trip. Once you arrive at new place, set his cage up before doing much of anything else. He can stay in his travel cage for a few hours while you get cage set up with his toys, food and water.

The exam by the Avian Vet is very important to make sure he can take the stress of the move. It needs to be done right away so if he has any kind of infection, he has time to take the meds and get well before the trip.

If it is cold on the trip, keep car warm and cover him before putting into or out of car.

With all that said, he should do fine. We moved our Amazons 2700 miles some years ago when we moved from Oregon to Tennessee, and they did fine with home water and safe cages to travel in.Our trip took 6 nights and 7 days, so birds, cats and dogs were happy to see new home for sure!


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