Lonlieness - mirror question

Hi!! I was just wondering, because I'm still at high school, if I get a budgie, can I put a mirror in its cage while I'm at school and then when I get home, I take the mirror out of its cage so it can bond to me?? And also is this cruel and will the budgie be able to talk and learn things if I do this??

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May 10, 2012
Lonliness - mirror question
by: Anonymous

If you choose to get a bird, please remember there's a lot that goes into being a bird owner. You can't just buy a bird & think he will be happy just sitting in a cage.

If you get a bird, please make sure you set aside time each day to spend with your bird. Not just 5-10 min. either. Quality time. :) This helps your bird to bond, & learn trust.

When buying a bird, try to get one that is young. Weaned, but young. This will help with the bonding, & reduce phobias. Younger birds tend not to be as scared as most adult birds coming home from the petshop.

Also, make sure the cage size is a proper size for your bird. The bird should be able to spread it's wings in the cage & not touch the bars. Cage needs bars btwn the bird and the pooh papers to prevent the bird from trying to play in its pooh.

Next is diet. About a month or two of having the bird, you'll want to switch it from seed to pellets. Eating seeds everyday is like eating at Mc Donalds for every meal. Tastes great, but bad for your health. Pellets by Roudybush or harrisons are low sugar, & high nutrition. Offer seeds as a treat.

Your bird will need about 10-14 hrs of sleep per night. Otherwise you'll find the bird is cranky, and nipping, and has little energy.

Make sure he's got toys to play with. Mirrors aren't bad for birds, but every bird responds differently to them. Long as your spending quality time with the bird, having a mirror should be fine. If you're going to be gone long hours bc of school, I would suggest leaving a radio on low volume for the bird. This will keep the bird stimulated.

Learn your bird's body language. He will try to tell you when something is wrong. Please make sure, if you get a bird you're prepared to take him to an avian vet when needed. Birds need vets too! They should see one once a year. Just like a dog and cat.

Good luck! Hope the extra advice helps!

May 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have a male cockatiel who has to have a mirror, as he does not feel he exists without one. My second male in the same cage couldn't care less. Give a mirror if it makes your bird happy. :)

May 09, 2012
Putting mirrror in cage with budgie
by: Tracie

This is all a matter of opinion, sorry. I have had birds that had mirrors and they still bonded with our family. Others claim that a mirror will keep the bird from bonding, so I don't know.

I suggest you work with the budgie for a month or so, gaining it's trust etc. Then, once the bird loves to be with you, try putting a mirror in the cage and see what happens.

We have some training articles on our Parrot Training page if you need help with training.

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