looking for a bird rescue

by dara hamilton
(tacoma, washington)

i am looking for a bird rescue near tacoma washington. is there any one out there that can give me the name or phone munber of one that adopts the birds out. i am looking to adopt a bird and would rather get one from a rescue than a pet store or breeder. the rescued birds need homes too and would love to be able to help a bird that needs someone to love it. i would appreciate it so much.

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Jul 08, 2010
Adoption a good idea
by: Deb Tindall

Adopting a bird rather than purchasing is great -- consider before you continue though. I have three adopted birds - a 27 year old mealy amazon who has emotional issues to this day, but is a darling, quirky fella whom I would not want to be without. I also have a 14 year old green winged macaw and a 16 year old female congo african grey that have only been in the house for 3 weeks. I am not sorry to have them, but it is an effort some days to deal with the after effects of their previous lives. The amazon came to me 9 years ago very abused - he has a wing that will not allow him to fly due to the abuse, so he has trust issues that I have not been able to over come - yet. But he is loving in his way and other than his anxiety of being left alone and fear of closeness, he is a wonderful guy. The other two were raised from babies by the same people who just got tired of them -- they are confused as to why "mom and dad" aren't there and now this new crazy lady is dealing with me and doesn't know my body language or anything.

It's a big undertaking but very worthwhile if you really want a bird. Be sure to research the breed of the bird before you make your decision to accept them into your home - the behaviors of each are unique as well as personalities, but it helps to be prepared about basic behaviors and needs of each.

Contact your humane society or local pet rescues - whether they say bird or not. The first parrot came through word of mouth from a friend. The last two came through a 4-H leader I used to work with who is connected to a dog rescue - someone asked the rescue if they knew of anyone who was interested in taking on a bird -- she contacted me and I had them contact me if they were still interested in getting rid of the bird so we could set up a meeting so we could see if the birds even liked me. So network. I haven't found a dedicated "bird rescue" group in Washington, not saying there isn't one, but if there is, it isn't out there advertised.

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