Looking for Mozeltov

by Hillary Martin
(Columbia SC)

Our family had two birds, the double yellow I spoke of previously, and a Catalina Macaw we raised from the egg. The Macaw, through a series of events, left the family a few years ago and went first up the road and then across the country, where we lost track of him. I would like to track him down and take him back.

He was blinded in one eye, not so sweet with strangers, and a bent tailed bird who screamed a good bit. He was always quiet and calm with me and I would like suggestions on how to track him down. I can't imagine whomever has him wants to keep him. I saw him once in 15 years and he remembered me, I know he'll want to be in my home again.

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Nov 21, 2009
Reply to Moz
by: Hillary

Thanks, Linda. Moz was hilarious. So many childhood memories of him and my brothers who taught him to burp, gave him rum and hot chocolate (bad boys), running around with a 5' bird on my back at 5' myself. Dad used to take him to court to visit the administrators. But he was vicious with the lady guests and my single dad put him out in the barn. As Dad's health failed he had the help of a few people who didn't understand big birds and feared him, so he got no loving. He banged his beak on the cage. Awful. I had moved many states away and couldn't get back to get him when I was 35. Now I'm almost 50 and Dad got sick and had the man down the street take him to care very wellfor him. The man got marrried and moved to Montana and lost the bird in the divorce. The woman must have loved him. I hope so. My dad feels guilty about the loss and won't tell me where Moz went.

There is an Avian rescue in Charlotte whom I will contact to see if I can replace the bird. They have a 23 yr old Scarlet I'd like to have. Thank you for your uplifting comments.


Nov 19, 2009
Looking for Mozeltov
by: Linda

The only way to track him is to know where he went last. Not that that is where he is now, and it would be a starting point. You'd need to put ads in the local papers of the city where he was known last to be in. I have a similar problem and so sympathize with your plight and broken heart. I sold my Amazon, Nikki, to some people as I needed to re-home a couple of my birds when we moved to smaller house. The very last thing I told them was that if they decided to sell her, to call me first and let me buy her back. They sold her, and I received not a word. I have NO idea where she went or with whom. I had saved her when I worked in a bird store in Portland, OR called The Bird Hut. It was a filthy, disease infested place, and Nikki had been left to die in the back warehouse. When I started work there, I found her, bought her and spent another $400+ getting her well and on road to recovery. Took several years to get her in good condition. The people she went to were nice and seemed to love her. I found out from a mutual friend that they'd sold her right out from under me, and I go to sleep thinking of her every night. Where is she and does she have a good life like I promised her?

So, if you have a starting point, you can run ads in that city in lost and found. If you do not know where Mozeltov moved to, the last time, you will have little luck finding the bird. I know this is a nightmare for you because the ones who don't act sweet and loving all the time sometimes end up in questionable homes with extremely questionable people. Will keep your bird and mine in prayers.

Nikki is a Blue Front Amazon hen and she would be about 12-15 years old by now. I nursed her back from death, and now have to wonder if she is in a good home. My heart goes out to you all, and start at the last place you know the bird was and question those people as to where Mozeltov went from there if they even took note.

Many Blessings and God's Speed to you in your search.


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