Lorikeet Agression

by DeLight
(Seattle Wa, USA)

I have a 2 1/2 year old Rainbow Lorikeet that I adopted 6 months ago, names Enzo.

"He" is has been a great companinion to me and only bitten me occassionally and I have figured out why, however I have been bitten twice the past two days and have NO idea why.

He is in an adequate size cage and we usually play very often outside his cage every day.

His diet is powder nectar as well as a mix of fresh juiced carrots/apples and agave water, which the occassional fresh fruits and veggies.

I was wondering if it's possible if "he" is really a "she" if it could be mating season and how would I tell if that's the case?

He did act a little strange this morning....even after I put his fresh juice in his cage he stayed at the bottom doing what seems to be a "nesting" dance (which looks like a chicken scratching for worms) that he does every morning and night when it's "nite nite" time and didn't come up to his perch until I walked away from the cage.

I'm very concerned becuase I love Enzo very much and have only had him a short time but he has brought me so much pleasure and I'd hate to have to give him up, but I can't be bitten every day and I can't just leave him in his cage and not interact with him, that's not fair to him!
Anyone have any ideas?
Enzo's Mom