lorikeet behavoir sick or not?

by Nanette La Vallee
(New Caledonia)

Hello, My young rainbow Lorikeet has been standing on the bottom of his cage since two days. When I am not around he will be on his branch and when I get near he gets back on the bottom of his cage in the far corner . Is my bird scared of me??? Or is my bird not well?

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Jan 08, 2011
Your bird needs to see an avian vet now!
by: Christina

Hello. Your bird is sick and needs to see an avain vet immediately. Your bird is showing all the signs of a very sick bird, and birds go downhill VERY quickly. Last year my bird was acting like yours was and I didnt get him to the vet fast enough (I took a few days, to wait and see if he got better and then I took him) and he died. Please dont wait, take him to a bird vet now!!

Jan 07, 2011
lorikeet behavoir sick or not?
by: Linda

Your bird does sound sick. All new birds have to be seen by an Avian Vet during the first few days to a week they are in our homes. Most birds come to us with various bacterial infections from stress of being moved around and not properly cared for in pet stores and at some breeder facilities.

Have him examined and some basic bloodwork done to see how organs are functioning.

If all is well on the physical, then work with him to get him to not be so afraid of you. Gentle handling and talking and singing will help this as will time. If he is a fairly new bird, it takes them time to trust us as trust is not given but earned.

Keep us posted,

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