lorikeet & conure breed?

I have a green cheeked conure (male) and a female rainbow lorikeet. They are both about a year old. Can they interbreed and what are the signs that they are ready to breed? eg mating rituals.

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Aug 21, 2011
lorikeet & conure breed?
by: Linda

I read Tracie's answer and feel compelled to add a little something to it for you and for all who may read these posts.

Different species cannot breed and produce young which is what keeps us and other species from intermixing and producing monsters. Think about the possibilities if humans and monkeys, sheep, cattle or other animal species could inter-breed. We'd have an entire world full of monsters taken directly out of fairy tales.

Before deciding to breed parrots or any other species of animal or bird, please study and understand the basics of genetics. Hybrid birds are also monsters of a different sort, so don't decide to breed same species of different bird types with each other, i.e. Blue and Gold Macaws with Scarlet Macaws, etc. The fact that we CAN do it is totally beside the point. In order to keep a species' genetic material clean and pure, we cannot mess with what has already been set up by nature. Hybridization results in physical, mental and emotional anomolies over which we have no control even if we knew what they are actually going to look like. This is called irresponsible breeding of any species and should not be done because doing it is wrong.

So not being able to breed different species is a check to keep the balance nature intended which is separation of the species. Hybridization is breaking the rules of checks to keep the balance as well, and even though we can do it, why would we choose to dilute the genetics of birds and animals to the point where they are physcially, mentally or emotionally weakened by the pursuit of this kind of breeding.

These are not just theories, they are facts and when we choose to ignore nature's original ideas, we are leaving ourselves, other people and most of all the birds and animals we are playing with open to much suffering and/or afflictions of all kinds.

Study, understand basic genetics before breeding anything including human beings because the ones to pay the price for irresponsible breeding are each and every one of us on this planet.

Thanks for reading and may your life(lives) be blessed with knowledge, understanding and wisdom.


Aug 20, 2011
Lory and conure breeding
by: Tracie

No, they can not produce babies because they are different species.

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