Lorikeet eat cockatial seed?

by Kevin Rohde
(Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia)

I had a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets and a pair of Cockateels, but sadly I lost both my male Rainbow Lorikeet and my female Cockateel, when they both got out and flew away when the young Grand-Children decided to open their cages to change their water.

I tried putting my male Cockateel in with my female Rainbow Lorikeet, just to be company for each other and they get on well together and do not fight. My only question is can my Cockateel continue to eat the same food that I have been buying and feeding my Rainbow Lorikeet as I have been told not to put the seed in that I was feeding my Cockateel as it can kill my Rainbow Lorikeet.

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May 09, 2011
You cannot put Lories in a cage with any other bird!
by: Anonymous

If you read up about Lories, they are known to kill other birds and even their mates. Please do not allow your cockateil to be in a cage or even outside of the cage to play with the lory. You are absolutely putting your cockateils life on the line and the vet is correct, it WILL happen. Their cages can be near each other and they can communicate and interact from their own cages and that gives them companionship but do not EVER put them physically together even if you are standing right there. I have a lory and I love her dearly and I also have a lot of other small birds including cockateils, meyer parrot, parrotlet, canary, parakeets. 22 total. I am extremely careful to make sure no bird goes to my lory's cage. She likes all the birds from a distance and they all interact and imitate each other and teach each other the different songs they whistle and words they say. They are hilarious and wonderful. A lory can change mood in a split second and attack you or any other pet before you even know what happened. They latch on with their feed and plunge their bodies forward to dig their beak into you or your pet. It is the worst bite I've ever had and it got infected. Any bird would be dead immediately from a bite like that. Any bird you own you must research the breed for temperament and behavioral issues, health and nutritional needs and also foods they are not to have. Lories cannot have any kind of seeds, nuts, whole grains, pits of any kind. Most birds cannot have the sweet nectar diet of a lory and certainly not a liquid food unless it is on hand feeding for some reason but still not lory food. A lory has a paintbrush type tongue to eat liquid nectar in nature as well as fruits and veggies. Other birds such as cockateils do not have that. I am truly horrified that you do not know you cannot put a lory with any other bird. The vet is correct in the comment. The other person saying you can let them play out of the cage is grossly wrong! Hopefully you saw the vet's comment and listened to that advice.

Feb 23, 2011
Lory and Cockatiel in same cage
by: The Avian Vet

These two birds should not live together, EVER, in the same cage. They should not even be allowed to play together outside of the cage under supervision. Birds are very territorial and the lory is going to seriously harm the cockatiel, even if it has not happened yet, it will happen. Not only for the safety of the two birds, but, no, they cannot eat the same food. Separate them immediately.

Dr B

Feb 21, 2011
Lorikeet eat cockatial seed?
by: Linda

The birds need different diets and both of them need to be eating a majority in organic pellets several of which are sold here. I advise putting them into separate cages so you can feed the correct diet for both. You can read about some of the organic foods found here and find the ones recommended for the Lori's and Lorikeets. Some of the pellets will be for either/or but when it comes to fruits and such, the Cockie should not have an over abundance of fruit or veggies as these cause digestive problems. Lories and Lorikeets need diet made for them to keep them healthy. Your birds can play together when out of cage.

The changeover from seeds to pellets takes time and here is an article written by Avian Vet about how to go about it:
Switching Birds to Pellets article

I also strongly suggest you take both birds to an Avian Vet to have wings clipped because flying birds can have many problems inside house or can fly outside and most likely die out there. Have Avian Vet clip ONLY the 6 long Primary Flight feathers at the bottom ends of each set of wings. Do not allow them to cut up any higher as this cripples birds and causes chronic pain. Just the 6 long Primary Flight feathers is enough, and birds can gently glide to floor and will get no lift so they can fly into things or out the door.

Thanks for writing,

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