Lorikeet Flight Feathers

by Nyree Slater
(Sydney NSW Australia)


I saved a lorikeet from some cats that were fighting over him. I put him in a cage and covered him overnight to get over the stress. since then he has been spending days in the cage on the balcony with his friends comming over to visit him. His beak is still dark so i think he is young.

He is ok, except all his flight feathers have been ripped out. Will they grow back? and if so how long will it take?

Is it ok to keep him in the cage till he can fly again, or does he need a space big enough so he stays strong. I don't want to give him away, as he has all his friends around our house.

I have been feeding him fruit and honey eater mix.

Please give me some advice, I want him to have the best possible chance of returning to the wild to be with his friends.



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Sep 16, 2008
Lorikeet attacked by cats
by: The Vet

It is vital that you get some antibiotics for this bird. Cats carry a deadly bacteria in their mouth and on their claws. The feathers should come back; it will take 2-3 months, maybe longer. He needs to be in a larger cage to keep up his strength.

Dr B

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