Lorikeet laid an egg

by Connor Bettini
(Cairns, QLD, Aus)

I have a rainbow lorikeet and a red collared lorikeet. I didn't have any intentions of them doing it but they just laid an egg. I have never had a bird lay an egg and don't really know what to do.

So can any one reply to me telling me what i can do?
Thanks Connor

I would also like to thanks Linda & Tracie for answering all of my questions :)

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Apr 10, 2012
Laid eggs.
by: Anonymous

Make sure your bird has cuttle bone in the cage to help it from being depleted on calcium.

Also, females will lay eggs this time of year. Reguardless if there is a male bird present. Sometimes females will lay eggs for thier bonded male human.

Buy the fake eggs as suggested, let her lay on them for the incubation period, so not to traumatize your female. Then remove them. Remove nesting boxes, bedding, anything that will encourage her to lay eggs.

Please remember, birds have an internal clock. The longer hours in the day tell them it's spring, and time to lay eggs. If you don't want your female to breed or lay eggs, you cut back on the hours of natural sunlight. This will tell the bird spring has not come, and it's not time to lay. Do this all summer as well. Dont leave her in the dark of course, at like 5 pm, close the curtains, blinds, w/e you have, and turn on a light until about 7. At 7 give her a dark quiet room to roost. She will need about 12 hrs of roosting.

This will prevent further egg laying. Please be aware your bird can be come egg bound, and need a vet asap or she will die. This is also hard on the female as she loses calcium during the egg laying. Provide cuttlebone, do not give her dairy products! Birds cannot diagest dairy. So I strongly suggest if this is not a breeder bird, to cut back sunlight.

Thanks, GL!

Apr 09, 2012
Lorikeet laid an egg
by: Linda

It is not uncommon for mature birds to lay eggs. What sex is the other Lorikeet? If it is a female, then there will be no offspring. As for laying eggs, you need to take them and throw them away because once an unfertile egg stays out at room temperature for a while, it becomes poison just like any eggs left out too long. If either of the birds decide to eat some of the contents, it can kill them.

I suggest you take both birds to an Avian Vet to see if they are healthy. If birds are old enough, Avian Vet may be able to sex the other bird to see if it is male or female.

If your bird continues to lay eggs, you need to buy some fake eggs and replace real eggs with the fake ones so hen thinks she has eggs. When eggs are taken, sometimes birds will continue to lay eggs which is unhealthy for them as it takes a lot of calcium and other nutrients from their bodies leaving them prone to illness.

Make sure both birds are healthy by taking them to an Avian Vet and talk with vet about egg laying. Do not give your bird hormones as these can cause cancer. You can find fake eggs online and get the size that the Lorikeet lays so she will stop laying eggs and be in no danger of poisoning from spoiled real eggs.

You can also separate the birds into two cages as this may also help with the problem. Keep both cages close to each other so birds can talk and see each other all the time. Allow them out to play together and make sure you are there to supervise them when they are out of cages. You can also play with them while they are outside cages.

Keep us posted and thanks much for the compliment you gave to Tracie and me as we appreciate your input.

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