lorikeet not breathing properly

by diane

hi i have a 8 week old rainbow lorikeet who has suddenly changed in behaviour. lorikeet not breathing properly and very weak, we have been hand feeding him for 2 weeks and it's a public holiday tomorrow and can't get in contact with the vet. he won't drink water and not eating. thank you

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Apr 22, 2011
lorikeet not breathing properly

ok thankyou for replying, i'm sorry to say my bird passed away last night. if anyone else has this issue in the future, please see a vet urgently as he's health dimished quite fast )-:

Apr 21, 2011
Very sick lorikeet
by: The Avian Vet

I am sorry but, as stated on the page where you typed your question, Dr B can not help with sick birds that need a vet. He sometimes doesn't answer for days and your bird might be dead by then.

You need to find a 24 hour clinic if your personal vet is closed. Your vet should have an emergency number for their patients to call even if it isn't their phone number.

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