Lorikeet protective of toys

by Nicole G

My rainbow lorikeet is obessed with paper,toys,kitchen sponges.he will attack u if u touch any of these items ,I have been bitten quite a lot.I just need to know what to do with him

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Oct 14, 2014
sounds familiar
by: Tara

My Jenday Conure hates paper, pens, I Pads(but not laptops), books, magazines any paint brushes. He will bite me if I am using any of these things while holding him. I know his previous owner sent him to a rescue shelter because she worked at home and said he was too loud. I have always wondered if he had been abused or screamed at while she used office supplies. Or maybe he is just neurotic, lol.

Oct 14, 2014
Bird attacks hands
by: Tracie

Many birds get aggressive with what they consider their things. Our birds would attack if we put our hands in the cage, but were fine if we let them climb out and get on our hands.

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