Lorikeet with black spots on feathers

by Brett

Hi. I have a pet rainbow lorikeet. I hand raised her since she was a baby for I found her out on my property where she's fallen from the nest and didnt have many feathers. She is a beautiful birl and I love her dearly. The main reason why I am contactin you is that she now has a lot of black spots coming up all over her feathers and they are slowly getting worse. If there is anything special I need to do for her or that please let me know for my lil gal and i are inseperable. Thanks a lot.

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Aug 02, 2009
Black spots
by: Sarah

What you're describing sounds a little bit like stress bars. When your bird is stressed out in some way (could be emotionally or physically), the feathers don't grow in properly, and make black spots, but since you don't know for sure, you should take your bird into an avian vet as soon as possible to lessen your chance of losing you're beloved buddy.

Good luck!

Aug 01, 2009
Sick Bird
by: Linda

Brett, your bird needs to be seen by an Avian vet immediately. She could have an infection, parasite or a blood disorder, so please do not delay taking her to a qualified Avian vet in your area to have this checked out. Anytime, you rescue a bird, it needs to go to an Avian vet to be checked out for infections and parasites both external and internal. Baby birds are likely to have a variety of external/internal parasites and possible infections. She could also be injured in some way internally you don't know about yet, so go to the Avian vet soon as is possible.

We are not allowed to offer you any solutions as we are not vets, so your best plan is to get an appointment immediately and take her in to be examined.

Keep us posted about how she does.

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