lorikette mating

My next door neighbor wants to mate her female lorikeet with my male lorikeet. My Lorikeet is in good health and lives in a very clean condition while hers live in a messy cage and rarely do they change her water. My question is , Is it safe for me to accept her Lorikeet with mine in his cage for mating if I do not know if her lorikette is health or may carry some kind of sickness from being being brought up non clean condition?

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Dec 05, 2011
Mating male lory with neighbor's bird
by: Tracie

Thank you soooo much for asking this question!

There are several reasons NOT to do this. As you said, the bird may carry a disease that your bird could get, so you certainly do NOT want your bird with this bird.

The other concern is that this person will just be another bad breeder raising substandard birds with potential disease and poor health. It this person doesn't have a reputable breeding business, taking her birds to the avian vet and keeping the environment clean, then you do NOT want to encourage this person to breed birds.

People that breed their birds without experience often lose the hen and babies due to lack of experience. You will be potentially saving little babies from dying a painful death.

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