losing her feathers

hello i have a year old lovebird and she seems to be losing her feathers around her face and head . she is in with a male lovebird could he be the cause?

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Apr 24, 2009
It happened to me too
by: Anonymous

I once had a parrotlet that plucked his cagemate bald! It was due to his over-zealous preening of his mate.(they were both males) Once I separated them, the other parrotlet regained all of his facial and head feathers. I was very hesitant to pair up that parrotlet who had plucked the other one with another cagemate, but the man I gave him to does have him in with another male and he's doing just fine. Good luck with your birds! I'd try separating them until you can determine if it is due to its mate plucking it. Then, maybe try pairing it up with another mate.

Apr 24, 2009
Bird losing feathers on head
by: Tracie

It could be the male plucking her. Please watch them closely and see if this is the case. Dr. B can not tell you because he can't see the birds or examine your bird that is missing the feathers.

If you do not see the male plucking the female, then you need to get the female to an avian vet to be examined so that she can get the proper treatment.

You might consider separating the birds and putting them in cages next to each other for company, if the male is plucking her.

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