Loss of All the Red Tail Feathers

by Annette Parsons
(Cornwall United Kingdom)

Hi, i am sorry to bother you but i have an African Grey Parrot that i have had since he was a baby, he is now 12, the other night i heard him fluttering about in his cage and i called out to him and he settled down, but when i got up in the morning the floor of his cage was covered in red feathers, he has shed the lot and he has never done that before, he is eating ok but not talking like he usually does only says a couple of things two or three times a day( where as he usually talks most of the time) and he keeps having little dozes, could you please advise me Many Thank's

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Aug 18, 2017
Red tail feathers
by: Pixy

My 5 month CAG.. just lost 3 of her red tail feathers. Is that normal?

Editor's note: Probably

Aug 08, 2012
African Grey lost red tail feathers
by: The Avian Vet

In my opinion your bird had a night fright and thrashed in his cage. I recommend that you have your bird examined by an avian veterinarian. Not talking is one of the first symptoms that a bird is not feeling well.

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Dr B

Jul 14, 2012
Lost tail feathers
by: Anonymous

It does sound like something scared your bird during the night. Some birds do suffer from night terrors (mine included)so when I cover the cage I make sure to leave some opening at the bottom to let air circulate and let in light (I have a night light in the room). Since I have been doing that, no more night terrors.

Jul 13, 2012
Bird lost all tail feathers
by: Tracie

Sometimes birds release their tail feathers when they are actually being grabbed or imagine they are about to be grabbed. If you grab a bird's tail, they will likely just release their feathers, so you can't get hold of them, in other words.

Is is possible a mouse or something could have gone in the cage to eat the food on the bottom of the cage, or in the dish if you leave food in all night?

You may need to give the cage a good cleaning and then make sure remove food and clean the bottom of the cage every evening before going to bed so that there isn't anything there to attract critters.

Jul 13, 2012
Lack of vitamins and calcium!
by: Asif Arain

What do you feed him? If you are feeding him
With Bird seeds and sun flower then iron
And vitamins supplement is for him try some
vegetable like broccoli,spinach,lettuce, and all the leafy Greens with some fresh fruit.
If you feed him with all nutritional and vitamin rich foods then you should contact your avian vet for the advise.

Editor's note: A lack of nutrition does not cause a bird to get scared at night and lose their tail feathers. If your bird is eating high quality pellets, like Harrison's for 80% of it's diet, it is getting all the nutrition it needs.

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