loss of feathers around cere and cere changing color

Hi. I have noticed that my parakeet (approx. 3yrs) has started to lose some feathers around its cere. Her cere is also changing to a blue tint. She is acting normal for the most part....appetite, playing etc. However, she does seem to be rubbing her beak on everything more than normal.

I called a vet and they suggested we try the mite/lice spray from the local pet store. I did that yesterday and she still seems to be rubbing etc. When we adopted her, the cere was a brownish color, which it stayed that color up until just this past week when it started to show a little blue.

We assumed that this bird was a female due to the cere color, but not we are not too sure since the cere is slowly changing to blue. We do have another parakeet (approx. 5mths) with her and he (the younger one) appears to be fine.

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Sep 12, 2011
NEVER use lice or mite sprays from pet stores
by: The Avian Vet

NEVER use lice mite sprays from the pet store. These are toxic and will cause harm. Discontinue immediately. Any avian vet that gives treatment advice over the phone is not doing service to your bird. This was bad advice. When a cere changes color this generally means there is a hormone problem. I recommend that you take your bird in for an exam, blood work and x-rays. Go to a specialist.

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Dr B

Sep 10, 2011
Feather loss around cere
by: Tracie

Dr B will eventually answer this, but please Find an Avian Vet for your bird while you are waiting for his answer.

Mite formulas at pet stores often cause health problems and even kill birds. I suspect the vet you called is a dog/cat vet and not an avian vet. It is rare for birds to have mites, unless they are kept in an outside aviary.

What you are describing may be a disease, so please do not delay in making an appointment with an avian vet.

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