Loss of grip in foot

by Joe

I have an Eclectus female who recently reached breeding age. She is paired with a male and has laid 2 infertile eggs over that past few months. I noticed today that she has been hanging out on the bottom of the cage (still alert and appearing overall healthy). I at first feared she may be egg bound but she was not. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the toes on her one foot were more balled up together and she would not grip and lay them right. I took her out a clipped toe nails and tried to get her to grip my finger with that foot and it was like she couldn't.

Lately her feather condition has become worse than normal and a friend of mine said her eclectus became like that (poor feather not the foot problem) and she sprinkled some lori powder on their veggies and that helped tremendously.
I am worried about her foot and wondering if I should be trying to add things to her diet or if there is some sort of nerve damage.
Any thoughts would be helpful.

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Aug 12, 2011
Eclectus lost grip
by: The Avian Vet

This is probably a reproductive problem and is very serious. DO NOT FEED LORY FOOD to your bird. It is not an appropriate diet for any bird that is not a lory. Your birds should be on a pellet diet, 70& pellets like Harrison's, and 30% treats. You need to have her examined by an avian veterinarian, preferably a specialist with experience in reproductive problems. You will want to do blood work and x-rays at the very least. Do not wait. Go now.

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Dr B

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