Loss of our 10 yr sun conure

by val and ken cebulski
(naples fl)

Our Beloved Lilly

Our Beloved Lilly

We are very saddened . My husband took LILLY for her monthly grooming, The Vet was almost done when we realized she was notmoving., the vet Proformed
heart massge to no avail. We cant stop crying. What special little creatures
they are.
Lilly: You meant the world to us, how can we go on.

Mama and Papa.

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Oct 23, 2013
God help you both
by: Anonymous

I have a precious female sun conure named Margo who is two years old. My husband and I both love her so much. We do not know what we would do without her. You are in my prayers.

Oct 22, 2013
Loss of our 10 yr sun conure
by: Sandra D Singh

Val and Ken, what a heartbreaking story! I'm very sorry to hear about your Dear Lilly and it just breaks my heart reading this. May the Lord bless her dear little soul as she rest in peace. I've lost birds in the past and I can imagine what you both are going through at this very moment. I want both Ken and you to know that you're not alone. I would be praying for the both of you and God shall give you both the courage and strength to go on. Val and Ken, ONLY prayers would get you both through this unfortunate moment and terrible ordeal.

I don't wish to upset you both anymore than you have already been but I do have to ask this as it really puzzles me. Is this vet an "Avian Vet" or just a vet for dogs and cats? Vets that are certified to only treat dogs and cats knows nothing about treating our little birds. "Only" an "Avian Vet" knows how to treat our dear little ones as they're specialized in that field.

I've read and understand that Ken and you both were in the room while Lilly was being groomed. Val haven't any of you noticed "if" the doctor was holding her too tightly or something that could've interfered with her breathing or anything else that could've cause her to passed? This sounds very strange to me but what can I say; this really hurts. I'm very sorry for you both and especially for dear Lilly; tears are washing my cheeks as I'm typing.

I've two birds an Orange Winged Amazon, Sid and a Green Cheek Cinnamon Conure, Emma. I usually take them to their doctor (Avian Vet) once per year to have their nails trimmed and routine check. "I" would only hold them, NOT their doctor. I don't ever leave any of them in the room alone with him either; I'VE to be present at ALL times with them. I don't trust ANYONE being alone with my dear little babies except my daughter.

I've heard few stories and I've read a story on this site and read stories on other sites about vets treating people pets very cruel. I can't ever forget this lady who said that she took her bird to a vet for a nail trim and the vet took her bird into another room leaving her behind to wait. When her bird had been returned to her the bird was wet as if he/she had showered. The lady said that she'd thought that the bird had been perspiring. Birds DO NOT perspire as far as I know so why was this bird wet? The poor bird was stressed and sick after that incident according to the heartbroken lady. I do hope that poor bird had gotten well; I never heard anything again the lady.

Val and Ken if you do have any other birds or you shall buy any again, please remember this and be very careful. DON'T BLINK AN EYE WHEN YOUR BIRD IS WITH ANY VET. If you don't hold your bird yourself, look at how your bird is being held and the firmness etcetera. Take care of yourselves, the both of you; your worries will "ease" as the days go by and cherish the memories of your dear little Lilly. I'll keep you both in my prayers; God bless.

Oct 22, 2013
Loss of our 10 yr sun conure
by: Linda

It is heartbreaking to lose any of our beloved friends whether they have fur, feathers or fins. What Lilly would want for you is to get another bird as soon as you are able. Love grows larger when shared, and there are many birds out there needing homes. If you get one from a shelter, be very careful to find out as much as you can about its' past because sometimes they've had to live with such horror as to be unable to ever bond with another human. Just ask the right questions, and ask to not only see and interact with the bird, but also take a guided tour of the entire facility. Anyone not willing to allow you to see what's behind closed doors is hiding something, so be wary. Many so called shelters are merely hell holes where birds spend the rest of their long lives in misery while shelter people claim a non-profit standing which can come in handy in many purchases.

If you decide to go to a pet store or breeder, make sure bird is examined by an Avian Vet within a few days of the homecoming. Most birds in pet shops already are sick as putting many birds together can cause many birds to become sick. Some breeders do not take care of their birds and all their birds are sick. Pet shops usually buy from breeders like this to keep their costs low.

Also, you spoke of the groomer. Please take your birds to ONLY a licensed/trained Avian Vet for any grooming. We take our Amazons to avian vet for nail and beak clipping several times a year. Anyone else who is not either an Avian Vet or someone who works mostly with birds can kill people's birds simply from incorrect handling. Fumes coming at them in a dog grooming place will kill them on the spot. Avian Vets and their staff are trained in how to handle and work with birds and other exotic animals and are normally very safe places for your bird.

Know that you are not alone in your grieving as we all feel your loss. We've ALL been there and will be there again and again. Keep your hearts open as this is the very best way to cherish the memory of your precious little bird. Lilly will be very happy to see another bird in your care.


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