lost cockatiel!

by ema

My cockatiel esacped about 4 months ago, he flew out of the open door when one of my sisters opened his cage door.
I am really worried that he wont survive and i miss him so much, i really want to find him!
is there any chance i will?
is there a chance that he would have survived and how?
how would he find food and water?
is there any way that i can find him again?
i really misss him sooooooo much?

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Sep 21, 2010
also lost cockatiel
by: Anonymous

i lost my cockatiel 2 days ago when my brother by mistake took him outside. for some reason later in the day (when i wasn't home) he flew into my nighbors yard and sat in thier tree for a long time chirping and chirping for me. i came home 2 hours later and he was gone. why did he come back. I don't know. i put up sighns everywhere, and since he answeres to his name,i've been riding around on my bike, calling his name. every ansering chirp from another bird makes me jump and i think it's him. i'm really upset. he was really cute and so loveble. he even says a few words already, and he's only around 6 months old.
i sereisly miss him. i feel like a part of me has flown away with him. i really hope he's doing fine. one day, maybe i'll find him. hope you find yours too, someday.

Nov 18, 2008
Lost Cockatiel
by: Tracie

It is hard to say if your bird is still alive or not. I sure hope so! It depends on if it can find food that it can eat, water, shelter from cold weather etc.

It is possible that someone found your bird and it is happy with them. You might put out signs in your area asking if someone found a Cockatiel and provide a picture.

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