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Nov 19, 2011
Lost toe???
by: Linda

I think he'll be able to manage though I suggest you keep perches a little lower so if he falls, he won't break anything. I have an Amazon who is in his late 30's, and he's missing a back toe on each foot. He's a bit slower getting around his huge cage and sometimes falls off perch, but mostly he does very well. He's learned to deal with his disability, and the exercise he gets climbing around his cage is very good for him. He feels good about himself because he can do all the things has fully toed mate can do, just not as fast.

Your little bird will adjust to the loss of just one toe, and may fall quite a bit while getting used to balancing a different way. So keep him in a cage where you can lower the perches some and make sure the perches are large enough diameter, so he can grip with the other toes on that foot. Natural safe wood branch perches are the best, and I've seen flat perches made for special needs birds. The wood for these can bought at the lumber store and they are sometimes made of pine or another type of wood. Kiln dried wood is safe for parrots and make sure it is solid wood and not plywood as that is filled with toxic glue. Also make sure wood is not treated wood and that it is natural with nothing on surface. The flat perch needs to be wide enough so both of bird's feet can be put flat down on it without toes overhaning the wood. Sand down the edges until they are smooth because the sharp edges can hurt feet when they come into contact with them. Sometimes the bird will poop on this type perch more often than the regular branches, so make sure you clean the flat perch everyday. Have a variety of safe wood branches and one of the flat perches maybe at the feeding/watering area or sleeping area so bird can relax while eating and drinking or sleeping.

Your bird will be fine if it has your full support to make sure it learns how to get around with this disability. Sorry this happened to him as it's a sad way to start out his life.


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