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Aug 20, 2016
Alexandrine parrot
by: Anonymous

My 6month Alexandrine parrot has'nt made a single noise or mimic any noise since i had him is there something wrong with him please can someone help me

Editor's note: Take your bird to an avian vet for a check up. That is the only way to rule out illness or physical problems.

Jul 03, 2008
Bird should not lose voice
by: Tracie

I searched this site for lost voice because I knew that Dr. B had answered this question before. Below is our Avian Vet's answer to a bird losing his voice or having a voice change....

This could be a serious problem. One of the only things I am aware of that causes voice change is Aspergillus infection in the trachea. Birds do not become hoarse from screaming, they have no vocal chords like mammals. He should be seen by an avian specialist as soon as possible.

Dr B

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