loud sun conure

by mzahn

I know this is crazy but I am at this point. Is there anything surgical that can be done to stop a sun conure from being loud. I have had one that I love maybe 4 or 5 years. He is just horrible lately.

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Jan 24, 2016
loud conures
by: Petey's mom

I can tell you what worked for me!! I am a night shift worker and soon realized after I adopted my Jenday conure Petey that I was in for a rough time in terms of sleeping during the day. I play relaxation or "zen" music and Petey loves it. It soothes and quiets him..magic!! No screetching!!
He also was instantly happier when I put him in front of a big bay window..we live in california and he loves the sun..he's now a very happy bird

Mar 17, 2013
loud conure
by: Anonymous

My conure became a better bird, with less noise, when I let him sleep for 12 hours in a dark room (our home office) with the cage covered. When I spend 15 minutes with him playing or snuggling, a few times a day, then he is happy for a very long time out in his livingroom cage. Even cats and dogs need play time with their family, and toys. When he gets loud I just close the blinds in the window that he is near and he becomes quite. Some conures should never be near a window. They are like watch dogs. They will let you know when (anything) moves outside. Just remember, it is their nature to screech. It is how the communicate. Always love your bird. It is what they respond to the most.

Jan 23, 2012
what did the person expect ????
by: Anonymous

i wish people would research the species of parrots before they get one........a sun conure is one of the louder ones among the small parrots........it can't help how loud it is.........would you like to have your vocal cords surgically removed ?????

sheesh !!!

Editor's note: This wasn't censored, but honestly this person wrote in wanting help so they can keep their bird. They love the bird, but found they can't take the noise. Yes, it would be great if everyone knew to research birds first, but we are here to help the people that didn't know to do this first. Many people just don't know to do this, and we are glad they come here for help. :-)

Jan 17, 2012
Noisy sunny
by: Anonymous

What have you tried so far? Ours generally gets loud when she's not getting enough quality time with her "mommy". Some tlc generally does the trick for us.

Jan 17, 2012
Surgery to stop loud birds
by: Tracie

No, there is not a surgery to stop birds from making noise. Birds don't usually make tons of noise unless they are needing attention due to being lonely, bored or illness.

We have some articles on our Parrot Training page that will help you with training your bird to stop unwanted behavior and replace it with something acceptable.

By spending time training your bird, you will get to know it's needs, wants, body language etc. and it will have it's need for "flock time" met too.

Please remember that in nature they are in flocks, and you are their flock now. The bird is NOT going to be happy if it does not feel a part of your household flock.

Jan 16, 2012
loud sun conure
by: Linda

There is a possibility some of his needs are not being met adequately. Good high quality pelleted diet using organic pellets is how to feed all parrots. Harrison's is the best and found here.

Large roomy cage with enough room to stretch out wings and flap without hitting cage sides is also a must as are safe natural wood branch perches. All parrots need wooden toys to chew on which keeps them occupied and helps keep their beaks honed down so they don't have a point on them.

The other idea is he may be sick, so make sure he has been examined by an Avian Vet to make sure he is free from infections or other physical issues that could be causing him pain.

All birds can be noisy at times though it is not normal for them to scream all the time unless something is wrong. Your bird needs about 12 hours of sleep in darkness each 24 hours. If his cage is in living room or some other room where people stay up late, then he is tired and cranky.

Before you begin blaming your bird, look at diet, environment, toys and whether he is getting enough exercise and rest.

You will not find any parrots that do not make some noise. Excessive noise means something is wrong, and it is your job to find out what it is. First step is trip to an Avian Vet only in your driving area to rule out physical issues.

Next is to look at cage, perches, toys, food and whether or not he is getting enough rest. These are things all bird caretakers have to look at and especially before they say they can't take it anymore because there IS a reason for this behavior, so find it and fix it. If he is sick or being starved to death on an all seed diet, then those are easily taken care of.

Try and put yourself in your bird's place for a moment and see how you would feel if your needs were being ignored. You'd scream all the time to until you were so sick you could no longer do so. Death comes next, and if you don't do all you can to help your bird, then his death is on your hands, so please get to work as he is worth every moment of your time. Good luck and God's Speed in getting this resolved.

Find an Avian Vet

Jan 16, 2012
loud bird
by: Anonymous

That IS crazy!! you must know going into owning a sun conure (or any bird for that matter) will be loud!! this is only natural and how they communicate with each other in the wild. Too bad this is a reason so many people get rid of their birds...sorry but there is nothing surgical that can be done.

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