Loulou from France

by Loulou
(Nice France)

Senegal Parrot baby, Youla

Senegal Parrot baby, Youla

Hi every one ! I live in France on the Riviera and I'm owned by a 6 year old Cockatiel, named Maxine that I got when she was 3 months old.

She has had babies over a year ago who are just beautiful and now are all housed. She was not hand fed, but I tamed her. She is very sweet and never bites. She will go to everyone but will only allow me to do scritches and cuddle her.

I'm also the mom of a 4 month old Senegal parrot called Youla, not sure if it's a he or she, but will be getting her/he sexed soon.

Youla is hand fed and a real sweetie also. She is afraid of no one, and loves to play and cuddle. She tends to nip a bit hard a times and I'm teaching her not to, but she is stubborn lol. I will keep you all updated as time goes buy.


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May 06, 2017
Pied Senegal

I too have a pied senegal who is a DNA male, 12 yo. Not a hybrid. Jake is sweet, and talks up a storm. A beautiful smart, cuddly companion.

Mar 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi there, you have a girl. That is a mix of Senegal and Meyers

Dec 21, 2007
Love the picture
by: Anonymous

I love seeing what a baby Senegal looks like. Thank you for letting me know what a Senegal is like too.

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