Love bird acting wierd

by John

Please help my love bird has been acting wierd. she looks like she is choking but she is not. she fluffs up and spreds her wings and twitches please tell me what you think.

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Jul 13, 2012
Lovebiird acting weird
by: Anonymous

Your bird is just a baby so the female/male mating dance doesn't seem right, bird hasn't matured enough. That sounds like baby bird behavior, they usually spread their wings and flap around (think of wild babies in their nest) as they grow to gain strength. As long as your bird is eating and drinking, it doesn't sound like anything serious. Birds change behavior and routine as they get older so when you think you know your bird, they change and do something new.

Jul 12, 2012
Love bird Acting wierd

She just under 3months old. she has been doing this for two months after i got her. each episode lasts about 2-3 minutes.she is eating fine and pooping fine. She also stays on the perch.
I havent had these birds before but my parents got them for me. Could it be male? the person i got them from told me Spice (lovebird) she was female.
Thanks for your help

Jul 12, 2012
Love bird acting weird
by: Anonymous

Are you sure your bird is female? What you describe sounds like a male mating dance. They usually stiffen up, wheeze and spread wings to make themselves look big and attractive to the females. You didn't say how long the bird has been doing this or how long each episode lasts. If the bird were having a seizure, it wouldn't be able to stay on the perch. Also, if the bird isn't eating or pooping properly it could be sick. If the problem continues, I would seek the help of an avian vet.

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