love bird broke her leg

by Mayur Patel
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Love bird with cast on leg

my lovebird broke her leg about 2 week before and i took her to birds vet and they put cast on her leg and after two week i revisited to birds vet to take off that cast as suggested by them and i saw that she is still not using her leg yet, they told me that its half way healing left on it and i noticed that the end of leg figures with nail were totally black and her third fingure nail has came off with half of its fingure but the doctors suggested that let her peal off her fingure skin it will be regenerate again with nails so they put cast back leaving all of her fingure nails out and as they told me my lovebird has started pealing off her whole fingure now i am afraid about will it be regerated back ....i dont know about that and veterian has told me to revisit back in a week time evey time i visit they charge me about $ i am afraid are they right on their side or not....i will be waiting for your reply thanks..

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Feb 03, 2012
Bird with broken leg has black nails
by: The Avian Vet

It is not normal for the nails to be turning black and coming off. It means that circulation is compromised and is due to the break or to the bandage. Broken bones generally take 12-16 weeks to heal. The nails are not likely to regenerate. I recommend that you look for a second opinion. Find an Avian Vet

Dr B

Feb 02, 2012
love bird - broken leg
by: Anonymous

First off, I just want to say you have a beautiful bird.

I would suggest getting a second opinion about your birds leg, from another avian (bird) vet. Something doesnt seem right with what your bird vet is telling you.

The pictures are great to show whats wrong, but idealy the vet who answers questions on this site cannot properly diagnose your bird without looking at him directly.

Please try to find another bird vet in your area if possible.

Good luck! And speedy recovery for your bird.

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