love bird droped dead

by Nellie Heart
(spokane WA, USA)

First day in the house the bird was every were looking into every thing very enterjetic. Was sitting on perch this evening and just droped dead. No marks, No sign of anything wrong at all.

It did eat some cockaties food and took a bath in the cats water dish today.

I just don't know what to think.


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Dec 04, 2009
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for all the input.

I am in the prosses of going over the house to see what needs to change.

It's a smal house. I sleep on the couch incase the tiels have night frights so basicaly they are always supervised, unless I'm out feeding the chickens or hanging out clouths. They are my family at this point in life. Locking them up is just........something that's .... Well I have trouble even thinking about it.
True it may come to that. For a time I had a seperet place for them but they wanted to be with me so I let them. I do understand what your saying about a bird room.

for air sent I steam fruit and spices on the stove. I've learned a lot of tricks from all the web sights sence I started takeing in birds. There is always more to learn.

Thanks again for the input


blessed are the feathered ones

Dec 03, 2009
So sorry your bird died
by: Tracie

I don't think I told you I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like you have a very big heart.

Even though the tiels have been fine, it might be they did not drink or chew on whatever the other bird drank or chewed. You did not know, I hope you don't "go through it" too much.

I killed my first parrot accidentally, thinking I was helping. I did not know about birds, purchased a parrotlet, and fed him only seeds.

His beak kept getting long and a breeder kept trimming it. I mentioned the problem at the pet store and they suggested I put vitamins in the water. The next day he was dead. :-(

Dec 03, 2009
love bird droped dead
by: Linda

Well, when you allow your birds to come and go as they please, they can get themselves killed. Birds are like little children who need to be supervised whenever they are outside their cage regardless of how many times nothing has happened before. The ONE TIME is enough, and it will happen again if you continue to let your birds out at will without constant supervision.

As for this bird, in particular, poison comes in many forms, some we don't even think about. In fact, there are too many instances to be able to go into it here. A house is a home for humans, and it can be a death trap for a bird as they taste everything they get near to see if it is either edible or if it can be played with.

Your bird could also have been sick before he got to your home. Without a necropsy, none of us will ever know what happened here.

As Tracie said, drinking out of the dog or cat's dish can poison a bird just as drinking out of a toilet or from dishes soaking in the sink. There are many hazards around the home.

There was one thing you said that rang a few bells. It was about the gas heat. Unless you have had everytning checked out recently, I'd recommend someone come and check everything out about the gas heating. All it takes for a smaller bird is a tiny bit, something the others' may not succumb to now but will later. An amount you won't even be able to notice will kill a small bird like this and quickly just like this.

Room deoderizers are poison and this includes the infamous Febreeze. Scented candles, scented dryer sheets, perfume and after shave are poison. By having other birds, I'm sure you are familiar with most of them.

Sometimes birds have a congenital defect that can cause them to fall over dead as well. We will never know because necropsies have to be done as quickly after death is as possible because of the tissues breaking down and any toxins along with them.

Sorry for your loss, and I'd reconsider allowing your birds free access to all parts of the house in the future because many deaths occur from this practice.

Thanks for writing,

Dec 03, 2009
thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for pointing out many things I had not given thought to. Looks like I have a lot of house rearanging to do.
It's suprising to me .The "tiels" have never fallen victom to anything here.The cats water seems the most likely at this point. My cats are special needs rescues (crippled and birth defects) so I've never worried about them GETTING the birds. Never did I think about things they get into outside affecting the water dish.

Thank you for your input.



Dec 03, 2009
Love bird died suddenly
by: Tracie

There are more possibilities than can be written, since your bird flew free, as best I can tell.

If the bird took a bath in the cat's water dish, then are you indicating that the bird and the cat are out together? Also, I heard that the bacteria in the cat's mouth is deadly to birds. They should not be getting the same water. The cat could have eaten something dead and that residue could be in the water.

Also, the bird could have licked something toxic. I know of a lady that had a bird that died from messing with a statue she had on a shelf. She didn't know it had zinc in the finish.

If you don't have a "bird room" that is completely safe for birds, then you should not allow your birds to fly free. If you let them fly free where other pets are, doors that lead to the outside, pictures that can fall over on them etc. you are taking a huge risk.

Dec 02, 2009
Thank you for your comments but....
by: Anonymous

The water is set out for 24 hours before it is given to the birds. No poison in the house. I have 9 cockatiels and an African Gray. He was from a home with only one other bird. was brought here in a car, in a carier held by the then owner.
The food may have been different but is the same as I feed every one else.
Just can not figure this one out.
Was full of energy, a happy bird.
Inspected every inch of the body looking for a reason. Nothing. Bird was on perch for the night, bambo. Just fell over on to the floor. ( I let my birds go in and out of cages as they see fit.
The one thing that is different from its first home is I have gas heat (no leaks) and they have electric.

Dec 02, 2009
dropped dead
by: Hillary

Birds are sensitive to the weirdest things. Did you use teflon coated cookware? Did you use cleaning supplies on the cage or perch before you put the bird in? Were there chemicals in the water in your neighborhood? let the water set a few minutes to air off the chlorine and chemicals in city water? So sorry for your loss, it most certainly is sad. Any way the bird got banged about on the way home or hurt before you bought it? Maybe in a crowded cage, they hurt each other and it doesn't show til later on.

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