Love bird is 8 months old and wont eat seeds

by Mandy

Hi I have a lovebird that is 8 months old. He will not eat any seeds,fruits or vegetables. ALl he will eat is bird formula. i am at lost on what to do. i have tried everything that i can think of but nothing seems to work. i cant go on feeding him 3 times a day for the rest of his life. its to much. i need help.If anyone knows what to do please let me know



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Oct 28, 2013
My Love bird won't eat.
by: Deb

I have the same problem with my love bird. She is 3 years old and only wants her powder mix. That stuff cost me $40.00. It's the only thing that is keeping her alive.

I have read on what to do but what kind of bread do I use and what kind of pellets to put juice in. Any other suggestions?

I thought about letting her go hungry and she would have to eat but I can't do it. I have her spoiled. Please give me more ideas.

Thank you!

Editor's note: Switching Birds To Pellets article

Sep 25, 2009
lovebird who wont wean
by: Mandy

HI Lynda

Thank you so much for responding to my thread. i will try everything u told me to do this weekend. the only problem is is that i liv ein bermuda so some of the bird food u were talkin about getting i might not be able to get it here. i will have to look tomorrow at the pet store i am sure i will be able to find something similar to the items u have listed

i will keep u updated on what happens


Sep 23, 2009
Spoiled Birdy Baby
by: Linda

Mandy, your bird is WAY WAY past the time for weaning, so buy some small grind Harrison's organic pellets. Also buy some of their Birdy Bread mix and get the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor to go in it. (All of this is sold on this site.)The only other thing you add is 2 whole eggs. They make 3 different kinds, and it lasts a long time in the freezer (up to 6 months). Pellets and bread have to be refrigerated until time to eat and then warmed to room temp before putting in his dish.

Once you have your pellets and Birdy Bread, stop feeding the bird formula except 2 times a day. Feed morning and evening. Rest of day have pellets and Birdy Bread in dish with clean fresh water in water dish. If he turns up his beak at this, buy some organic (no sugar added) apple juice (maybe a health food store) and take your syringe, draw a little bit up and put on your pellets. Don't soak them, but DO get them nice and tasty with the juice. This may take you a while because your bird is not getting hungry, and he knows he does not have to eat because you will be there for him 3 or 4 times a day!

As I say, go ahead and feed him his formula in the morning early and don't feed him again until right before he goes to bed or a little before. If you put apple juice on the pellets,change food out every two hours as food will get rancid. Don't put a whole lot of pellets and bread in dish--just enough so he can have lunch when he gets hungry. As he begins to eat more of his pellets and bread, you cut formula in morning and evening in half. As you see him filling up on his food (this is relative as he is so small), you can cut feeding back to one time a day either morning or evening. Make sure he is eating enough, and how much he should eat a day is on Harrisons package. Also take bread into consideration as part of day's ration. Bake some sweet potato, and you can add a little of it to the Birdy Bread Mix except for the Pepper kind. As he begins to eat the bread with sweet potato, you can start to add different diced veggies like yellow squash for instance. Make sure your veggies are organically grown as what is in the regular grocery store comes from commercial growers and is covered inside and out with pesticides and/or fertilizers.

Your baby may NOT BE HAPPY with this arrangement, and you must hang in there or he will be taking "bottles" until he is old and green! Do not let him starve and lose weight. If he won't eat, take him out like you are going to feed him and offer him small amounts of pellets with apple juice on them.Part of the attachment to handfeeding is the closeness he has with you.

If he has not been to an Avian Vet take him for a checkup to make sure he has no infections or other problems that are keeping him from wanting to eat real food. Do this BEFORE you get started on the PLAN.

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