love bird sleeps with tail in water

(Ballarat victoria australia)

i bought a love bird a few months ago and was told it was a female as i presumed my other one is a male . i have a nesting box in their cage and put some straw and some shredded newspaper in the box and next to it. they have removed the lid of the nesting box and started removing the contents and no my female has started to sleeping on the second water bowl with her tail in the water is this normal or is their something wrong with her. she eats well and drinks water and sleeps and poops all normally Thanks LIBBY

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May 26, 2011
Linda don't be an asshole
by: Anonymous

People need to learn their own ways. Some people learn better hands-on-experience and you need to learn how to respect people. I understand that constructive criticism is a good thing but you, Linda, are giving destructive criticism and that makes you worse than the person making a mistake. I was deeply disappointed by reading a comment like yours. As Libby has said, this website is for helping people, not hurting them. I suggest you get your attitude fixed before you decide to condescendingly speak to anyone else.

Jan 30, 2010
Mine Does Too
by: Jerry

Hi, I have a lovebird too. She is maybe five months old and she sleeps on the edge of her water bowl with her tail in the water. She appears to be happy and healthy.

Dec 12, 2009
they are old enough
by: libby

I brought ny love bird from a breeder which we had a long discussion about breeding them. i have a large cage and there is only 2 love birds in there. the breeding box is inside the cage as this is the design of this one. both my birds are healthy. I check regulary on forums and web sites on these birds if i have any queries. But my question was (why does my female sleep with her tail in the water). which Linda seemed to critise me in everything that had nothing to do with my question. I thought this forum was to help not critise ppl

Dec 11, 2009
love bird sleeps with tail in water
by: Linda

I don't know how old your birds are, but you have moved way too fast with a nestbox for these birds. Take out the nestbox and leave it out until you know if your birds are old enough to breed and/or if you see them mating.

Also do not use straw in a nestbox as straw allows fungas to grow which will kill your birds. Leave nestbox clean of any filler.

Your birds need a large breeding cage, and the nestbox needs to be hung outside the cage. Breeding cages have openings where the front part can be inside the cage, and the rest is outside, so we can access the box to look at babies and eggs.

So, you are a very long way from breeding birds, and I suggest you do some reading and studying BEFORE even thinking of doing this. For now, take out the nest box and allow your birds to have time to get adjusted to their new home and for them to be old enough to breed. They also need to be seen by an Avian Vet to make sure they are physically healthy. They will need a larger cage whether you breed or not as lovebirds are known to be aggresssive and can and do kill their mates if they feel crowded, and sometimes just because...PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU START ON A PROJECT THIS LARGE. IT WILL COST QUITE A BIT OF MONEY TO GET EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BEGIN, SO PLEASE LEARN WHAT YOU NEED TO LEARN.


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