Love Birds breeding

O.k I brought my male love bird, a female. The females were 2 for 1, so I put all 3 in a very large cage ( PLENTY of room ) Here's the problem...the 2 females want NOTHING to do with the male! When I tried separating the females, they both became very depressed, and REALLY VOCAL. what can I do ? Or should I start over, an get my boy a new girlfriend ?? By the way, the 2 females are sisters. Thank you so much for having this site, I don't have any friends with birds, an no one to ask.

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Sep 14, 2011
love birds
by: Cathy Ocasio

Thanks Tracie, an No I would never get mad, considering, I asked the question. I had breed in the past( 2yrs ago )I lost 2 clutches, an both parents. ( freak accident)I decided to give it another try. My daughters brought me a male/female. The female died, an I found someone who sold me 2 females. ( It is a really large cage). Since their both sisters, the bigger one , won't let the male get next to the other female.I think I will trade them both in for a different female, I know a pet store that will let me do this. Thanks for all the advice. I really love this site. :)

Sep 13, 2011
Love Birds breeding
by: Linda

Tracie knows me only too well it appears!

Your questions are good ones, but you do not know anything about breeding, so you must learn. You can go on the net, find breeders of these birds and ask a few questions. Before doing this you need to learn all you can from books and other sites on the net that are about your type of bird.Breeders are busy people, and admire someone who has already done some study about these matters.

You cannot have two females with one male as the left out female will sometimes try to break the eggs or kill the babies, so it's one pair per cage. Even people who have huge outdoor aviaries have to be very careful to only have a few pairs of birds because overcrowding causes problems. Lovebirds are an aggressive species, and it is not unusual for them to kill cagemates for what appears to be no reason. So, take the male out and leave the sisters together as they have always been together and are afraid to be without each other. These birds also need to be at least a year old before hens are able to safely pass an egg without egg binding (another thing to learn about)

Hopefully, you also have an Avian Vet for your birds because all will need an avian vet when sick or injured, and you need to know where one is and establish a relationship with them so your birds can stay healthy and be treated for physical problems.

I cannot teach you everything here, and that would take away from your own learning experience so just as well. Learn about your birds as this is exciting and fun to learn about them, and the learning goes on for a lifetime. I learn new things from people just by being out here to answer questions, so you will never know it all, but can learn something new every single day.

Thanks for writing, and we are here for you. We prefer if you try and find the answers to some of your questions on your own as this is the best way to learn and remember it. We are for YOU, and we are FOR your bird, and we welcome you to our blog site with open wings! Take care of yourself and your birds, and we'll talk later...

Sep 13, 2011
Breeding lovebirds
by: Tracie

I am not a breeder, but Linda, a lady that loves to help answer questions was a breeder for years, will probably be able to help you.

I don't want you to get upset with me for asking this question, but it is my love for birds that causes me to always ask this question....

Are you already an experienced breeder, or just getting started? If you are new at this, then please separate the male from the females until you have learned all you can from an experienced breeder. Preferable offer to help a breeder with feeding abandoned chicks and any other problems that YOU might encounter in the breeder process.

If you don't have some experience, then you stand a chance of losing both the hen and the chicks. I am not even sure you can have 2 females and 1 male in a cage safely with one female laying eggs. There is so much to learn and so much time involved in breeding birds, especially when things go wrong and you have to feed babies every few hours, that I never even considered breeding birds.

Thanks for asking, please don't take my questions wrong, they are just questions. Linda will chime in I am sure.

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