love birds put together

by sarah jane el habali

i just got a 6 month old lovebird his been bought up aloone what happens if i put another love bird in the cage? the pet shop told me they would kill them selves

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Oct 02, 2011
love birds put together
by: Linda

Yes, the larger older bird will kill the younger one. Never, ever put strange birds into cage together as this is asking for trouble no matter what kind of bird it is. Have another cage ready for your new bird completely set up with safe natural wood branch perches, food and water cups and a few toys.

Anytime both are out of cage, make sure someone is right there watching ALL the time they are out together because one could try and kill the other until they learn to tolerate each other.

Keep us posted and remember never to cage two strange birds together as this is the way to lose one bird to death and the other to severe injuries which may result in death. Birds are exotic wild animals and very territorial which means fights to the death, so please don't put your birds into this very dangerous position.


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