love birds

by jonathan
(South Africa)

Can you put love birds with other birds in an aviary

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May 24, 2010
love birds
by: Linda

No, it is not a good idea to do this. Lovebirds are aggressive, pushy little birds and will try and hurt smaller birds and will be aggressive with any that are larger.

Best advice on stocking an aviary is to stock it with all the same species of bird. In the case of little finches, make sure all are about the same size. The little zebra finch, even though, smaller than some other of the finches is also aggressive toward others and their mates.

Another rule about aviaries, make sure every pair of birds has a feeding station for food and water, an inside enclosure to go into at night or when it is cold or too hot. Most aviaries are built with a closed in small building at the back, and the wire stretched over wood at the front flight part. Concrete floor with drainage set up is also recommended as is burying some of the outside wire into a concrete curb which will help keep snakes, mice and rats out of aviary. If rats and mice are allowed access, be ready for dead birds as they will kill and eat smaller birds, bite larger birds and infect them with various diseases, and generally make a mess of your outside aviary. If you have a sunroom inside house, here is where you can set up your aviary without worrying about a closed in building, mice, rats, insects, snakes and the whole thing.

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