Love Is in the Air!

by Natasha
(Cranston, Rhode Island)

This is a story about my Birds' Pito and Beyonce.

Pito and Beyonce are 2 playful birds. When we first Bought Pito, & introduced him to the cage he went flying in there like a dog chasing a cat! The first time Beyonce saw him... He was eating *already!* She was so scared she didnt come out for like 2 hours.

When she came out, they were looking at each other. Pito was acting like hes never seen a Girl parakeet. She got closer. He flew all the way up to the cage and clinged on to it he started Screaming! Then, he came down slowly and stood on the perch. She stood there too. Then she bit him! :( He fell down to the cage floor and you can hear him Sqweek. I felt so bad.

I opened the cage and put my hand in, then she ran into her Home. I grabbed the bird lightly not tight. he wasn't scared! At first i knew he was going to be nice.2 weeks later he gets used to being in the cage and he starts to eat anytime he wants to. like 3 months later, next thing you know....They start kissing! Oh. They are so Beautiful! Love At First Sight!

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Mar 13, 2011
Love Is in the Air!
by: Linda

Thank You for a wonderful story, and it does take some time for birds to get to know one another. Some birds never like each other, so you are very fortunate with yours.

Keep us posted on how everything goes and send a pix of them when you can as we'd all like to see the sweet little lovey, dovey birds!


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