Love so much to own an eclectus parrot

by Mary

Ibeen doing a lot of research about this sweet parrot about a year now. I come from Malta a small island near Italy.I tried to find a breeder but we don;t have Eclectus parrot in Malta we have all kinds of parrot.

So a guy i know own a pet shop and he told me he can get me one from a Holland breeder were he get his birds for his shop but the problem in when he E-mail them to see if they have any they told him they sent the parrot when he is 8 month old and i wish to have one at least 5 month old so he will bond more im afraid he will bite please can you tell me more about 8 month old eclectus.

At the moment i have a pair of red rumps and have 5 eggs they are so sweet there names are Rocco and Rocca he is really taking care of her.THANKS hope someone will help me. mary

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Mar 23, 2010
Love so much to own an eclectus parrot
by: Linda

Mary, thanks for writing. Evidently, you've not done as much study as you need to do. An 8 month old bird can bond with you as well as a 5 month old one or a year old one and so on. ALL PARROTS BITE AT SOME TIME OR ANOTER, so that would just mean you will have to tame and train your bird not to bite. Birds are small in relation to us, and their only defenses are to either bite or fly away. So, you'll need to take a look at some of the training materials on this site and available all over the internet, IF YOUR BIRD IS NOT TAME ALREADY.

Another major concern is whether or not you have Avian (bird) Vet there. You MUST TAKE BIRDS TO AN AVIAN VET FOR ANY PHYSICAL PROBLEMS AS DOG AND CAT VETS ARE NOT LICENSED AND TRAINED TO CARE FOR BIRDS. So, this is something you'll need to check into BEFORE buying another bird.New birds have to go into see an Avian Vet at the beginning as they tend to get bacterial infections from a lowered immune system. There are also factors like how the breeder fed and cared for bird, and how the pet store does the same.

If you do not have an Avian Vet within at least a two hour drive from your home, you need to rethink having another bird. Birds do get sick and have other physical problems that can only be diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet, so make sure there is one within a decent driving distance.

My suggestion is that you continue your studies about the parrots until you know more about how to care for them. The Eclectus, and ALL parrots, need a high quality diet, and this must be in the form of organic pellets and organic fruit and veggies. They DO NOT DO WELL ON AN ALL SEED DIET as that is NOT what they are supposed to eat. No parrot should be eating an all seed diet as it is full of carbohydrates and fat. Tracie carries several organic pellets on this site, and Harrisons is one of the best and is Avian Vet endorsed. They make one for the Eclectus parrots, and so you'll need to look into that. The organic diets are a little more expensive, AND they keep birds healthier meaning less trips to Avian Vet for medical services. All birds should be seen by an Avian Vet at least once a year, and as they get older, this is a firm rule.

Again, thanks for writing,

Mar 23, 2010
bonding eclectus
by: Anonymous


You may like to read this page:

It is about bonding. IMO it is better that you buy an 8 month old eclectus than a 4 month old eclectus. There is no bonding between human & bird while they're young. Bonding takes months to years to occur.

An 8 month old eclectus is still very much a baby & there will be very little difference, if any at all, between 4 months & 8 months of age.

Please read up a little more on eclectus parrots:

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