Lovebird 7 years old, damaged legs #2

I am taking him to an avian vet today...
his feet were not crushed, I don't believe.
We warmed him up right away, he has no strength tho, in his legs, and his "hands" can not curl around finger or perch... he has lost strength to do this.
He rests simply on his feet, and will pull a leg up when he lands, as if he's sick....I'm afraid he's suffered some kind of nerve damage... or some such.... there is no discoloration to them, they appear fine....
Am hoping against hope that the Dr. might be able to help...
perhaps they are painful to him....???
thanks for your concern....

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Nov 01, 2008
Your Bird
by: Liz

A bird's feet are very delicate. If you want a real answer you'll need to tell me exactly whate happened. I would keep your bird warm and DO NOT try to move the bird's legs. Take him to a vet. Birds are fairly rugged and will not usually show their pain until it is to late.

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