Lovebird 7 years old, damaged legs

by Julie Farris
(Arlington Heights IL)

Ziggy got into the freezer for about 3 minutes...before we knew. He seems okay, except that he won't stand on his legs. Do you think that he's suffered nerve damage?

Any recourse or will his health diminish because of this very tragic occurrence??
Thank you

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Jan 30, 2008
ziggy the lovebird!!
by: Anonymous

is doing great!
thanks to the avian vet care that he recieved...
was given painkillers and antibiotics...
the painkillers enabled him to "move" his legs more, and "work" em, so that they didn't "seize" up and fail to heal as well... with no pain, he was more inclined to use his feet and legs... so... 2 days later, he is walking more, and standing more... his grip is still not as tight and strong and it remains to be seen if there will be long term damage in that regard... but we are very grateful to the vets who took good care of him....

Jan 28, 2008
Bird was in the freezer
by: The Vet

What kind of bird is Ziggy?

Was the freezer closed with Ziggy inside? Or Did the door close on him and injure his legs? Were they frost bitten?

Did someone warm him quickly upon getting Ziggy out of the freezer?

Has he been taken to see an avian veterinarian?

Dr B

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