lovebird beak illness

by fafar

my female lovebird's beak seems to have another layer on it and it doesn't look natural. =( shes recently had some chiks too so im worried abou their haelth too. =( please tell me if sher is ill or not and if she is, please give me ways in which i can cure her.

p.s i libve in a place were vets are not an option. there are none around and the ones that are will not take a look at birds so i beg you to help me!!!!!

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Oct 18, 2011
lovebird beak illness
by: Linda

You must try and find an Avian Vet in your area. Ask the other vets if they know of someone you could drive to. We, nor anyone else on the internet, can diagnose your bird's illness without seeing them in person. An Avian Vet is the only one qualified to do this. You cannot give over the counter meds either because until you know what is wrong, it cannot be treated.

Your bird and probably the babies need to be examined by avian vet soon as you can find one.

People who have birds have to know where there is a close Avian Vet before they get them. If these die because of lack of medical services, please do not get anymore birds as they will all need an Avian Vet at sometime during their lives.

Thanks for writing,

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