lovebird behaviour

by Heather
(Perth Australia)

i have 2 Marsked lovebirds that have just had a couple of babies (only 1 has come out today) So it seems already that mum is getting ready to mate again (witnessed her spreading her wings )but babies still in nesting box.I want to change this box as it is too old and in the wrong spot so my question is;Can I put the young birds in the new box that I have erected, plus I dont wont mum re-nesting in old box as I would like to remove it as soon as I can.

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Aug 08, 2011
lovebird behaviour
by: Linda

Leave everything as it is for now. If you try and change things up during breeding and nesting, the parents are likely to kill the babies. Also, it sounds like you will need to handfeed the babies you do have, so I hope you know how already.

Before breeding any birds, you need to know how to handfeed baby parrot handfeeding formula, found here, using a syringe. Easy, you may say, and I'm saying unless a breeder has worked with you to show how to do it properly, you can kill the babies by aspiration or by having the food too hot or too cold. Find a breeder in your area for the lovebirds and learn how to handfeed.

This is going to become an issue because I think the mother bird may abandon the nest, so be prepared to raise these babies all the way through weaning. Watch and make sure mother is feeding the one there now, and the other will hatch shortly. Birds lay eggs every other day, and they hatch in the order they were laid.

Please take breeding birds seriously as the babies and the parents lives are in your hands. The market is also flooded at least here in the states and birds end up in abusive and neglectful homes. Think twice, maybe three times before doing this again. Once these babies are done, take the nest box out and leave it out because there is no money in breeding birds unless you are sacrificing high quality food and Avian Vet medical services which is called cruelty to animals. Not trying to sound harsh, but breeding any animal or bird is serious business because precious lives are at stake,and make no mistake about it, their lives are precious and valuable, and they have to be nurtured and taken care of when in our care.

Thanks for writing,

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