Lovebird biting itself raw

by lauren Mercarter
(leominster, ma, us)

I was wondering if you could possibly tell me why my grandparents lovebird is biting itself? It bites under it's wings, tail, back, and feet from what my parents have told me. So much until he gets raw and it is painful for him. What can they do for him? Thank you!

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Feb 09, 2009
Lovebird picking at itself
by: Tracie

Dr. B suggests that they take the bird to an avian vet. There is no way to know what is wrong without examining the bird and possibly running tests.

The bird could have something as simple as an allergy to the food it eats, or it could be as serious as a disease.

If the bird is eating colored pellets, for sure tell them to stop feeding the bird those. Many birds have allergies to the dyes in pellets and the sugar in them is bad too. Dr. B suggests Harrison's pellets.

You can also get them to read Bird Plucking help
and also
Feather Plucking help

Please encourage them to get this bird help, it must be miserable. There could be a number of different causes including a fungal infection, bacterial dermatitis, allergies, trauma, and other things.

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