Lovebird book recommendations - Mom has killed 3 so far

by Yunnie
(Anaheim, CA)

I am so disappointed that my mom has not figured out how to keep her lovebirds alive. They were untamed adult peach-faced lovebirds. The first one was with her for many months and very happy. She was gone for the weekend and came back to find it got out of the cage and drowned in the fish tank.

Second one died the first day it arrived. It banged itself against the windows and mirrors, and then walked funny on the ground and fell over, never getting up again.

Third one died tonight after one day at her house! She says it was behind the couch and she reached for it and the bird started panicking with its chest breathing in and out really fast once in her hand and then she suddenly went limp and died.

I don't think she's educated herself enough to know how to raise these type of birds but insists on getting it right.

Any tips or book recommendations?

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Feb 06, 2018
Related Parents

Carol Hart.
Is the breading pair are clutch mates the mother will eat the babies. I had parrotlets that did that

Feb 13, 2012
Cockatiel and Love Bird owner.
by: Anonymous

How was the first one able to get out of it's cage? If they have the ability to open the cage on their own you should have something to prevent them from opening the cages.

Allowing a bird to FLY is very dangerous, you should always keep your birds in an area where there are no windows or mirrors or your birds WILL fly into them, they cannot comprehend what a mirror or window is and will fly into them, you should always have their wings clips.

The third one probably received allot of stress from fear, you should never take your bird out and let it roam freely in an area where there are things for it to get under, behind or inside unless they are well trained to not wander away.

It's always best to handle your birds with care when they are outside of their cage and try to find a space in your home with the least possible dangerous places for them to crawl into. I suggest your mother read online, in books or talk to some professionals on birds before purchasing another.

Maybe a different species would be a better choice. Adult untamed lovebirds can be very challenging. I prefer to purchase mine as young as possible and hand feed and train them, there are some breeders and pet stores who hand feed them before selling as well.

Feb 09, 2012
have you talked to your mom about this
by: Anonymous

I agree with the suggestion thst your mom shouldnt get a.y more birds ubtil shes better educated but in the event shr insists on replacing birds that get die while in her care and keeping i. Mind the nature of these tragic mishaps may i suggested that shr always make sure the fish tank be covered the toliet seats be kept down and getting the birds wings clipped until they are familiar with there surroundings and lesrn a little contol with there flight. I am not a fan of wing cutting i have five birds an african grey, quakers.,,parakeets and have had love birds, nanday conures and a mustache keet. The grey was given to me after her previous owner cut her wings too short at four months old and she tried to fly crashed to the ground and cracked her breastbone this happened three times before i took her in. I do.t cut her wings and shr flys arou.d just fine. I have parakeets that were never handled and the first time i let them out i saw they couldt navigate i trimmed there wings down just enough until they gained some control. For the one that had the heartattack before letting them out shr needs to be able to handle them. Please try to convie.ce her no more birds until she knows whst shrs doing.

Feb 09, 2012
Lovebird book recommendations - Mom has killed 3 so far
by: Linda

Unfortunately, your Mother has not bothered to learn about her birds, so she keeps killing them.

She needs to read and study and talk to lots of other people who have Lovebirds so she can begin to learn about how to keep them happy and healthy.

Please suggest she get no more birds until she has learned how to take care of them. All the things you spoke of are careless mistakes, by a person who does not take the time to learn, and that have cost the birds their lives, and since they are not just so much garbage, she needs to know what she is doing before getting anymore birds. Everyone has to learn how to care for birds properly and everyone has to do their own learning and study.


Feb 08, 2012
Thank you!
by: Daughter

That list is a good resource! I appreciate it!

Feb 08, 2012
Lovebird breeding book
by: Tracie

This question would be better asked of a breeder of lovebirds. Please call some lovebird breeders and find out what they recommend. It is sad that your mother decided to breed bird without getting experience helping another breeder first.

Thanks for writing. You can find some breeders to call on our Breeders List

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