Lovebird disorientation

by Happy
(Miami, Florida)

Hi, My lovebird used to go out of her cage and fly around the house but it has been a few months since she has not done and she seems disoriented. She looks up a lot and moves her head as if she is dizzy.

Besides this she is eating well, taking her baths, drinking water, etc.

What could be the reason for her disorientation?


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Sep 06, 2011
Lovebird disoriented
by: Tracie

Yes, there is a reason. Please Find an Avian Vet right away for your bird. It is likely that your bird chewed, ate or licked something toxic when flying about your house.

Either get the bird's wings trimmed while at the avian vet or provide a bird safe room for your bird to fly around in. Even the metal on a ceiling fan can be toxic. You might have a figurine, a trophy, or any number of things that are made from toxic material in your home.

Do NOT take your bird to a regular dog/cat vet because they often do not have the training or experience to handle birds and they accidentally kill birds even in routine exams. In my town, I know of 4 different vets that have killed birds and even more vets assistants that have killed birds from handling them improperly.

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