Lovebird eggs or hatchlings make other parrots sick?

by Jen

Like breathing wise? Ok so I have two lovebirds that apparently were not both boys and now we have 3 eggs, I also have a sun conure and cockatoo very close by in other cages. Someone told me that when the eggs are laid or either hatch they put off a chemical or something that will cause a respiratory infection in my other parrots anid could be deadly! I want to know I'f this is true so I can move them and prevent any of them from becoming sick, so is this just rubbish or do I need to move them immediately?

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Nov 14, 2012
Lovebird eggs or hatchlings make other parrots sick?
by: linda

That is rubbish, but if you have not had your birds, including the breeders, examined for infections within the last year, they can all get sick from having undiagnosed/untreated infections. All breeder birds have to be examined before breeding to make sure they are infection free because these infections will make the babies sick plus any birds around them.

So, if it has been over a year since your birds were checked out, it is time for them to be examined by an Avian Vet ONLY in your driving area. If the eggs hatch from the breeders, you will need to watch babies very closely for infection. Babies have to be weighed with a gram scale every single day, and if one baby does not gain weight, then they all most likely have infections including the parents.

In other words, if babies are sick, so are the parents, so it would mean taking all to avian vet for diagnosis and treatment. It won't do any good to treat babies and leave the parents with original infections because bacterial/viral infections are highly contageous to all birds kept in close proximity to each other. Thanks for writing and good luck!


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