Lovebird feathers change colors?

by Jeni
(Portland, Or)

I have noticed that my peach faced lovebird's feathers around his nostrils only changed colors. They were the bright red/peach color, but now they are a grey with a hint of green like the color of his body. But they are mostly grey. Is this due to illness, or just a phase with new feathers?

My bird is about 14 years old. His green feathers have just started getting the brassy hew in this year, which I've been told by my vet that is how you can tell a bird is older. His feathers didn't have the brassy tint until after he had to take an antibiotic about 3 months ago. He ate cotton and it caused a bacteria infection in his crop. He was healed from that...but he seems to want to keep chewing at his cage cover. :-/

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Jan 06, 2013
Lovebird feathers change colors
by: The Avian Vet

This sounds like a nutritional problem. Make sure your bird eats 80% formulated diet. Age may be involved as well. You should also have your bird examined by an avian veterinarian to be sure there are no other health problems that may be involved or causing this.

The antibiotics may have played a role, but I have never witnessed that.

Dr B
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