Lovebird flying and head movement

by Virginia
(Málaga, Spain.)

Hello, my lovebird is a male, 3 years old and i have recently noticed that he can't fly normal, he just can't help going to the left. In addition when he stays on the floor or any surface, he does little moves with its head, like if he couldn't set any position and the head drops a little to the left and the back.
He usually eats grains and this month i have finally get him to eat fruits and vegetable, so now during the day he eats tomato, apple and carrrot, and in the evening he can eat grains.
Apart from that, he is normal, he sings, plays and eats.
Thank you for your attention.

PD: Pardon my English, i'm from Spain.

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Sep 11, 2013
lovebird issues
by: Alex

Your bird may have had a stroke or has an an illness.

It would be best to take your lovebird to an avian vet to get it checked out.

The symptoms sound like a possible stroke, but only an in person visit to an avian vet can diagnose exactly what the problem is.

Let us know how the bird gets on at the avian vet.

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