Lovebird Has Dislocated Hip

by Connie

My peachface lovebird has a dislocated hip. What can be used to hold the hip in the socket so it can heal? My vet said it is very hard to tape a little bird and they want to chew off tape. He is on pain and anti-inflamatory meds. He has cut back on his eating so I have to monitor him to make sure he is eating enough. He holds his foot up much of the time.

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Apr 24, 2015
Conure with dislocated hip
by: Marie

I also have a bird with a dislocated hip
Which was caused by a vet mishandling her and the not diagnosing the problem
She has since had an X-ray that shows the dislocation but the exotic specialist says she is yo small to do s femoral head removal and that bandaging isn't an option
What else can I do

Oct 05, 2011
Bird with dislocated hip
by: The Avian Vet

Was the dislocation diagnosed with x-rays? If it is truly dislocated, then bandaging it is the only treatment, as surgery is likely not an option. Even if you get it to stay in the socket and get the tape to stay on there is no guarantee that it will stay when the bandage is removed.

I need to see the films and the patient before I could make a recommendation for this specific case but I would bandage it and try to get it to stay in. I would also continue with pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds. It is also helpful to to keep her caged in a small cage to reduce mobility for a while, a few weeks maybe.

Birds can chew bandages, but if they are applied properly, they will not be able to take them off. In my experience, maybe one or two of my patients have been successful at taking them off and I have put on thousands of bandages.

Dr B

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